Adding Addons

Get your Workshop authkey and put it in the ‘Workshop authkey’ part (you can get that here:  Save it and then go back to your main CPanel area.If you did that part correctly and added the workshop collection ID and your workshop authkey to your custom commandline, then any workshop addons should automatically be on your server next time you restart it. As for addons outside of the workshop collection, you must add them to your servers addons folder. This can include addons ranging from new huds, level systems, ULX powers and even new minigames for your DarkRP server. Once you have your new addons ready to add to your server, click on the ‘File manager’ icon in your main CPanel area and go to garrysmod\addons\ .  Here you can upload any addons and scripts by simply clicking the Upload  button located near the top. By clicking this button, you will open up a box where you may choose to upload three items at a time. You simply click the ‘Choose file’ button and find the .zip folder of your addon.

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