Now, that SteamCMD is ready, we will begin installing the server.

First, you start off by logging in. Type this command in the command prompt that is currently open:      login anonymous

After logging in, you have to determine the path where the server will be installed.
To do this, use this command:   force_install_dir <path>

To avoid any issues regarding the directory, just set it directly to your C:\ drive, or to some other external drive.
Example:     force_install_dir C:\gmodserver

If you want to set the path to something further than just the C:\ drive, then type out the path carefully, and make sure it contains no spaces, otherwise it will make seperate folders.

To install the Garry’s Mod files, type the following command in the prompt: app_update 4020 validate

After these steps you should be good to go.

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