How To Fish In Unturned

Fishing is actually not as simple as it might seem. Follow these instructions to have the highest chance of catching a fish:

  1. Equip a Fishing Rod and cast the line by left-clicking into an area with water. The red and white fishing float/bobber should show up near the surface of the water. If it doesn’t, cast the line again, but into deeper water.
  2. Wait until bubbles start showing around the fishing float/bobber, making a splashing sound. This indicates a fish is testing your bait, but NOT hooked. DO NOT REEL IN YET! YOU WILL NOT CATCH ANYTHING IF YOU REEL IN AT THIS TIME!
  3. Wait until your fishing rod is pulled, changing the angle of the fishing rod. REEL IN the fish by left-clicking. It should appear in your inventory as a Raw type of fish.
  4. Cook the fish at a Campfire, because eating Raw fish will lower your immunity to disease.

That is how you catch fish in Unturned.

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