How To Play Unturned

  1. To start out your game, go to
  2. “Play”
  3. “SinglePlayer”
  4. Click on “Canada” and press “Play”

Press your “G” button too open up the inventory,
there are  Four other “Tabs” that is very important too you,
there is
• Inventory
• Crafting

Inventory is the stuff you have gotten to help you out,
Make sure too keep an eye on weapons,backpacks, and clothes.                             Clothes will now give you a bit of storage, some certain clothing give certain amount of space.

There are many items you can craft in Unturned  from food to cars.                                   One thing you must look out for is Items in buildings, they help you fight off zombies and players. Always keep an eye out for a backpack so you can hold way more.

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