Main Controlls

In Unturned there are a large variety of controlls that a beginner might not know here is a list of the main controlls.


W = Forwards.
A = Strafe Left.
S = Backwards.
D = Strafe Right.
Spacebar = Jump.
Shift = Sprint.
Q or E = Lean Left or Lean Right.
X = Crouch, Slower movement speed, lowered detection, crouched.
Z = Prone, slowest movement speed, least detection, flat on the ground.
F = Pick up items, equip items, use items or ride vehicles


TAB = Bring up the last page you were on, default: Inventory.
G = Bring up your inventory.
U = Bring the skills page, each zombie you kill will give you XP, collect more Windows XP to level up your skills
M = Player List and Map.
Y = Crafting Page.

Interface Help

Ok, you got the basics of movement, now you might be wonder what do i do! To the lower left there is a bar that displays vitals, the first one is Health, don’t let it drop to 0% or you will die! The second one is Hunger, eat food and keep it above 90% with your water so you can regenerate health, drops to 0%, you will die. The third one is Thirst, This shows how thirsty you are, keep it above 90% with your hunger so you can regenerate health! drops to 0% you die. The fourth one is Radiation, Being exposed to a deadzone or being hit by a zombie will slowly have your radiation go down, keep it above 50%, near 10% or so you will die.  The last one is Stamina , Stamina is for running or jumping, if it depletes you will not lose any health but you will not be able to run or jump, usually it takes 10% of your stamina for each jump (No skill upgrade) so be careful! You can upgrade your parkour and exercise skills to reduce the amount of stamina taken.

The moral is keep your vitals in check or you will die.

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